A final song, a last request

  1. ladynecro:

    my friend has black hair and the initials PM while her boyfriend has blonde hair and the initials AM and she told me that they joke that theyre ‘as different as night and day’ and i fell on the floor that shit was so adorable

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  2. cries:

    feelin good about yourself but suddenly you look at someone and then you look at yourself again and boom

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  3. friendsarefortheweak:


    Lifehack: Accidentally text the wrong person? Immediately put your phone on airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.

    Share this it might save a life

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  4. illumahottie:

    Hey guys, hope your skin is clear and you get a text from someone you like real soon.

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  7. may:

    Still waiting for someone to be secretly in love with me and confess their love for me randomly

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  8. trudymonk:

    why do good shows get canceled when american idol is in it’s 13th season

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  9. And if you are awake at four AM, you are either in love or lonely, and I don’t know which one is worse.
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  10. edsock:


    why dont they have viagra for self esteem

    have you tried vodka

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