A final song, a last request

  1. friendsarefortheweak:


    Lifehack: Accidentally text the wrong person? Immediately put your phone on airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.

    Share this it might save a life

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  2. illumahottie:

    Hey guys, hope your skin is clear and you get a text from someone you like real soon.

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  5. may:

    Still waiting for someone to be secretly in love with me and confess their love for me randomly

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  6. trudymonk:

    why do good shows get canceled when american idol is in it’s 13th season

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  7. And if you are awake at four AM, you are either in love or lonely, and I don’t know which one is worse.
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  8. edsock:


    why dont they have viagra for self esteem

    have you tried vodka

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  9. dietcrush:

    My mom was born in 1969 so some of her usernames have a 69 at the end and I haven’t found an appropriate way to tell her why she can’t do this

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  10. bulletproof-hatred:

    life is hard when you’re an ugly girl that likes cute boys

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